Why do we adorn our locks with extensions or wigs instead of going for hairpieces? There are many answers, ranging from simple expediency to aesthetic preference.


Whether you are simply trying to accentuate your current hairstyle and create a pleasing effect with a wig or seeking a more dramatic transformation with extensions, there is no shortage of choices available!


For those contemplating adding extensions or taking advantage of this trend in a wig, here is all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Faux Wigs vs Real Hair


Faux wigs and extensions offer an alternative to breast cancer surgery, which is why they are so popular among women who have undergone mastectomies. They can be used to doll up any hairstyle, giving the appearance that you have a head of hair when no hair is present!


The health benefits of wearing a wig or acquiring a set of extensions over time may entail the following:


Protecting against excessive damage from sunlight and harsh chemicals, alleviating scalp discomfort and inflammation, and safeguarding your current hairline while leaving any new growth untouched are just some of the numerous advantages of faux solutions versus their real counterparts!



How They Are Applied


If you are seeking a way to add length and volume, we can provide this for you! Our excellent hair system is ideal for anyone looking to achieve the desired look. Depending on your preferences, it also allows for complete customization, such as weaving or cropping.


When choosing between an individual extension or a full lace front wig, the latter offers greater flexibility when styling. Due to its ability to be removed without affecting the surrounding tresses - unlike some types of units, which need time to grow before they can be detangled without damaging other hairs in the vicinity!


Wig Appearance


If it's your first time donning an outfit with a wig, you may be apprehensive about its appearance. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can rest assured that your wig will maintain its sleek look for many years to come!


Guaranteeing longevity is vital when purchasing wigs, many of which boast a fresh-cut style or a lace front option. Because they are less susceptible to 'shedding' than other styles with more natural hair strands, thus, if there is any minor shedding during wear, the slip-in texture will effectively conceal the bald patches!


Cost and Maintenance


If you opt for a human hair wig, you can expect it to last anywhere from two to five years. However, a synthetic fibre such as fibreglass will typically last about one year before requiring replacement - making this an excellent choice for those on a budget.


For proper maintenance, shampoo your wig when needed and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or harsh detergents that may damage synthetic fibres; instead, try using baby shampoo or milder varieties in stores like Walmart.


You Can Wear Your Hairstyle With a Wig or Extension


Extensions can't transform your hairstyle into a completely different look, but occasionally wearers may opt to wear them with their existing locks. For instance, if you have shoulder-length hair and wish to showcase its natural texture, then adding on a curly bob hairpiece might work well; however, if you desire to sport a sleek pixie cut, then an appropriate caplet is invaluable! If you choose to wear an extended style such as an indian head wrap or bun, this too can be paired with your wig easily.


An Add-On for Women or Men?


Like the case with extensions, a wig can be ideal for those seeking a more youthful appearance. However, this choice is not limited to women; men may also utilize this option!


Some individuals find that wearing a wig paired with hair extension services can provide them with more options for styling and coloring their tresses. Even if you have short or unruly hair, adding one of these accessories can give you something more suitable for the occasion without taking drastic measures.




For many individuals, wearing wigs or hairpieces may be their most effective way of regaining hair. These accessories can provide both length and fullness in one easy step! Have you ever contemplated investing in a wig? Please share your thoughts on this topical issue in the space provided below.


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