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Courage: Challenge Yourself to Beat Anxiety!

Contains 3 Manuscripts: Squash Anxiety, Overcome Anxiety & Use Neuroscience to Overcome Anxiety

Author: Marcus Theron

Format: Unabridged


This audiobook contains three manuscripts to help you overcome anxiety for good: Squash Anxiety, Overcome Anxiety, and Use Neuroscience to Overcome Anxiety.

Squash Anxiety: 30 Days to a Life Free from Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fear, Worry, and Shyness

If you or someone you know are coping with feelings of anxiety, this audiobook can provide you with a list of ideas to possibly ease some of your daily fears and worries. Though stressors of life are constant and some mild form of anxiety plagues us all, it is best to identify those fears and work to alleviate them. This audiobook provides ideas for new tasks coupled with scientific data that you can perform in your daily life to see if it helps relieve your feelings of anxiety.

Overcome Anxiety: Break Free from the Beast Within!

In many instances, dealing with anxiety on your own leads to negative habits that need to be cleansed with positive alternatives before they can leave you for good. This can be difficult, however, as many of the habits for dealing with anxiety are likely extremely entrenched, which means only a concentrated effort would be enough to remove them. This is where Overcome Anxiety: Break Free from the Beast Within! helps, as it offers you a 30-day actionable plan designed to help you kick your negative habits to the curb once and for all.

To that end, it has been made to discuss everything you need to know in order to give your anxiety the boot regardless if you are dealing with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and even phobias. You will learn practical exercises you can deploy at the moment when your anxiety is flaring up, as well as more long-term approaches that will make your issues easier to deal with on a daily basis. As long as you give each day's suggestion a try, you are bound to find plenty that work for you. So, what are you

Languages: English

Binding: Audible Audiobook

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