How to Find X?




find value of x


Given Proportion


If 1:x = x:64 is given proportion, Algebra is always interesting to solve. In this given sum, we need to find the value x. Let's see how to solve this step by step. Refer above image for a detailed solution.


Rewrite this Proportion to Simplify


we can write it as

1/x = x/64


Cross multiply the numerators and denominators.


Move the x to the right-hand side numerator from the left-hand side denominator and multiply with the existing right-hand side numerator x.


From the right-hand side denominator, move 64 to the left-hand side numerator and multiply with the existing left-hand side numerator 1.


Now it becomes, 1 X 64 = x X x


Where 'X' represents multiplication




Simplify further 64 = x^2


If you multiply x with another x, it will become x power 2, which we can write as x^2.




Lets write as x^2 = 64


we can write 64 as 8^2 because eight power two will be 64

x^2 = 8^2


Now move the square from the left-hand side to the right-hand side, which will become the square root 


so x = square root of ( 8^2 ) 


square root and square will get cancelled against each other. Finally, the value of x becomes 8.


✅ x=8


👉 So the value of x is 8

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