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  • Power Saving Plug - dilutee.com
  • Power Saving Plug - dilutee.com
  • Power Saving Plug - dilutee.com
  • Power Saving Plug - dilutee.com
  • Power Saving Plug - dilutee.com

Power Saver Plug

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Why You need this Power saver plug?

It is also known as electricity saving box. Who don't want to save electricity?

Who don't want to save electricity? of course every one of us want to save electricity. But how to do that is the big question in our mind! is it really possible? We are also having the same questions before we came across this absolutely wonderful power electricity saving box!

So what you need to do with this device to save electricity? very simple just plug in the device to save electricity! rest this electricity saving box will take care. This electricity saving box is an intelligent energy saver helps to reduce your electricity bill which you are going to see in your next month bill itself!

So without any hesitation just buy this power energy saver electricity plug and start seeing less electricity bills from next month itself!

Power Saving Plug

John is one of our customer who is using this electricity saver box and very satisfied with the electricity bills he is getting now! He is using this electricity saving box for almost 3 months now and within this period he is seeing a 20% decline in his electricity bills. its really a considerable considerable savings. The best thing here is is planning to use the savings for his next family vacation.Its wonderful!

Just go ahead and capture the savings for your vacation too 😎

What this Power Saver Plug do?

1.Stabilizes the voltage supply;

2.Balance the current source;

3.Prevents electrical overheating;

4. Prolongs the life of the electric devices, improves efficiency of appliances and protect devices

Electricity Saving Box Specifications

Application: Residential / General-Purpose,Industrial,Hospital,Commercial
Rated Voltage: 100-240V
Rated Current: 10A
Sub-control Switch: No
Surge Protector: No
Grounding: Non-Grounding
USB Ports Number: None
Type: Electrical Plug
Rated Power: Electricity Saving Box
Master Switch: No
Overload Protection: Yes
Outlets Number: 2
Synchronous Rectification Technology: No
Extension Cable Length: None

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